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C Duo+ Velcro


The Confortable Plus Duo seat with side support, backrest and headrest combines the function of the Confortable Plus backrest and Base seat. lt stabilises the hips, torso, limbs and head, allowing for better posture control. Now also available with an inbuilt pommel to increase hip stability.

Key features

  • The combination of seat and backrest creates a self-suppor­ting, complete seat. This helps to stabilise the pelvis and torso. It increases the comfort and safety for people with high muscle tensions. And for those with muscle atrophy, the seat allows for correct positioning of the body increasing stability.
  • By forming a ramp at the front of cushion and channels for convenient thigh setting,  you can create a bucket position. This encourages users to work harder on maintaining a proper torso position, while increasing stability and safety while sitting, preventing the body from slipping.
  • Spacious headrest helps to maintain the correct head position. Side supports provide an ideał position for the user. For people with spinał curvature, the risk of spinał deformities is reduced. For people with reduced head control, it helps to keep the head in the right position.
  • Modelled cushion shape reduces excessive pressure on bone elements during long sitting periods. This reduces the risk of bedsores. lt is also possible to place the user in a lying or semi-lying position. Seat with a wedge stabilizing the head, torso and limbs.
  • It can be a stand-alone seat or a supplement to the backrest and seat in a wheelchair, while at the same time improving the posture stabilisation through the correct positioning of pelvis and the users torso.

Accessories included

  • Hand pump
  • Neoprene strap

Additional accessories 

  • Electric pump
  • Mounting strap
  • Flexible cover with foam
  • Tubo

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