Welcome to Beachwheels NZ
Welcome to Beachwheels NZ

Heartway Vita X



The Heartway Vita X mobility scooter will take you where you need to go! With a heavy-duty Double A-Arm suspension system, complete with a single shock absorber at the rear, you’ll be comfortable tackling a range of terrains. This semi-all-terrain scooter features a weight capacity of 160kg, providing opportunities for a range of riders.

The Vita X features large off-road tyres and a powerful long-lasting 900W high end 'F' Grade Motor and 200AMP Controller, meaning it is powerful, it can tackle hill climbs other scooters can't and you can travel up to 40km on a full battery. All of this with NZ and Australian Safety Standards.

Our customers love using their Vita X down by the beach, or even as an alternative solution to a golf buggy! With a range of accessories to customise your scooter, you can rest assured that the Vita X has been designed with real people in mind.

  • Weight capacity of 160kg
  • Ideal for long distance
  • Heavy duty semi-all-terrain mobility scooter
  • Large off-road tyres for manoeuvring various surfaces
  • Fitted with full heavy duty suspension, including Double A-Arm at the front and single shock absorber at the rear


  • Weight Capacity 160kg
  • Motor Type 4 Pole 900W
  • Motor Class F
  • Motor Ratio 32:1
  • Motor Constant Running Watts 900 Watt
  • Motor Peak Load Watts 4800 Watt
  • Controller Type S Drive 200 Amp
  • Double Wishbone Suspension and adjustable single post
  • Battery 12V/100 Ah x 2
  • Charger 8 Amp off board
  • Travel Distance Up to 50km
  • Semi All Terrain Yes


  • Seat Size 20"
  • Height 1480mm
  • Width 790mm
  • Length 1620mm
  • Weight 150kg
  • Ground Clearance 150mm
  • Turning Radius 1350mm
  • Front Wheel 13"
  • Drive Wheel 15"
  • Tubular Framework
  • Colours Black and Titanium
  • Optional Upgrades Front basket, Folding Sun Canopy, Folding Rain Canopy, Rear basket, Walking Stick Holder


  • Australian Standards/ISO Standards (Vital for Safety) AS/NZS3695.2:2013
  • Australian/NZ Safety Standards
  • Seat Belt 
  • Lighting System bright headlights for lower light driving
  • Rear View Mirrors
  • Advanced Diagnostic System alerts users and automatically shuts down in the case of malfunction