TerrainHopper Overlander 4ZS


The TerrainHopper is the ultimate in off-road mobility. It is an electrically powered off-road wheelchair with stunning design, innovate technology and breath taking performance. With the option of handlebar or joystick control, it is engineered to conquer deep mud, soft sand, snow, rocks, steep hills and other rough terrain environments. 

It provides you the ability to participate in all outdoor activities with friends and family. The TerrainHopper can be used anywhere a pedestrian is allowed. This includes public beaches, state and national parks, hiking trails and sidewalks. The TerrainHopper is perfect for hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, strolls on the beach or any other adventure you can dream of.

The TerrainHopper is used by all age groups, men, women and children with varying degrees of disability, such as; spinal injuries, paraplegia, MND, Muscular Dystrophy, MS, Cerebral Palsy, amputees and by those who may have lost their capability to hike and explore the great outdoors but not their passion for it!

Three options to choose from and each option is customisable

1. Overlander Mini - The Overlander Mini is the baby of the Overlander family but with the choice of 2wd or 4WD you can have the same off-road capability as the Overlander 4ZS - only with a smaller footprint. Suitable for children and small adults (maximum height 5ft). Exceptional off-road stability, climbing ability and driving performance the Mini is extremely capable on all types of terrain.

2. Overlander 4ZS - There’s no competition for the ‘daddy’ of the family – the Overlander 4ZS. The true four-wheel drive all terrain power wheelchair. No challenge too great for this beast. Its rugged construction makes gravel, mud, sand and snow like a walk in the park! Suitable for users up to 127kg, customise to monster wheels, upgrade to four batteries.

3. New - Overlander 4ZX - The Overlander 4ZX is our new off-road wheelchair with increased user weight capacity, increased torque and in-built motor protection. 4 wheel drive for off-roading and allowed on pavements and road. Suitable for users up to 190kg. Increased torque, max gradient 35 degrees

Standard Features on all models
- 4 wheel independent suspension
- 2 and 4 wheel drive options (each wheel has its own motor)
- Various speed options 
- Roll bar opening on one side
- Choice of batteries lead acid or lithium (the price is more for lithium batteries)
- Manual steering with an option for joystick control or dual steering
- Exmoor Trim seat
- Adjustable seating and backrest
- Choice of smooth or knobbly tyres
- Indicators
- LED front and rear lights
- Lap belt
- Security key

Customisable Options
- Waterproofing motors
- Joystick control and choice of side to set up
- Dual steering
- Attendant Control
- Extended chassis length from 1675mm to 1825mm
- Windscreen
- Child/Adult overhead roll bar
- All round disc brakes
- 4 or 5 point harness
- Winch
- Different seat options (see brochure)
- Additional lights
- Side bar to open both sides
- Manual rotating seat
- Adjustable footrest
- Lithium batteries
- Monster wheels
- Hitch receiver
- Rear platform
- Givi box
- Colour of your choice