Welcome to Beachwheels NZ
Welcome to Beachwheels NZ

Heartway Golf

The Heartway Golf is the ideal mobility scooter for those looking for a powerful, heavy duty machine. The Golf is a large machine with a 160kg weight capacity and an amazing Double A-arm Suspension system, suitable for a range of terrains. As the name suggests, the Golf is the ideal solution as your next golf buggy! We have had glowing recommendations from customers who take the Golf out with them on the golf course every week!

With large heavy duty batteries and a powerful motor, the Golf will travel up to 50km on a fully charged battery (depending on terrain) – getting you where you need to go.

The optional protective canopy will help to shield you from the hot sun. This scooter is made for a luxurious ride, and is ideal for anyone wanting a large powerful mobility scooter with the option of a roof.

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Summary features

  • Weight capacity of 160kg
  • Ideal for long distances
  • Protective canopy to help shield sun and wind
  • Powerful 1300W 4-pole motor
  • Heavy duty Double A-Arm Suspension for driving on various terrains