Welcome to Beachwheels NZ
Welcome to Beachwheels NZ

Heartway Brio 3 Portable

The Heartway Brio 3 Deluxe is a compact, travel-friendly mobility scooter. The lithium batteries come with a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) making it deal for cruise ships and perfect for family holidays.

The two front wheels are positioned close together to create a tight turning circle. When you combine this with the scooter’s unique Indigo Suspension System, it is ideal for driving around shopping centres and indoors and outdoors on flat surfaces. The Indigo Suspension System is designed to keep all wheels on the ground across various terrains. If you care about stability, Indigo Suspension is a must for peace of mind while you drive.

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Summary features

  • Weight capacity of 115kg
  • 270 W motor
  • Max speed 6km/h
  • Up to 15km travel distance
  • Ideal for travel
  • Lightweight portable scooter 
  • Easy manual folding function
  • Unique Indigo Suspension system
  • Comes with a Material Safety Data Sheet for airline travel