Welcome to Beachwheels NZ
Welcome to Beachwheels NZ

Heartway S26 Verve


The S26 Verve Portable Mobility Scooter is the first ever heavy-duty portable travel-friendly scooter on the market due to it’s wider wheelbase, 140kg weight carrying capacity, and robust build! 

The Verve features a versatile build designed to push the boundaries on travel scooters to take you to places you’ve never been able to tackle before on a portable mobility scooter. Most portable scooters are designed to be shopping scooters and can only be driven on flat surfaces, but the S26 is one of the only portable scooters designed to be able to tackle rougher terrains. Its robust design includes a wider wheel base for extra stability, pneumatic tyres for the most comfortable ride, as well as a narrow front wheel base for a tight turning circle and easier navigation.

The S26 also features a simple auto-fold function – simply push the button on the front of the scooter and the machine will fold itself up compactly in just seconds! The Verve is a heavy duty portable travel scooter that will take you to more places than you’ve ever dreamt of. It’s excellent for outdoor use thanks to its versatile design and short but wide frame. This is a travel-friendly portable scooter that’s taking the market by storm.

  • Weight capacity of 140kg
  • 270 W motor
  • Max speed 8.75km/h
  • Up to 15km travel distance
  • Ideal for travel
  • Lightweight portable scooter - weighs only 23.5kg with the battery and seat removed!
  • Automatic folding function
  • Robust build for driving on various terrains
  • Amazing laser light feature
  • Comes with a Material Safety Data Sheet for airline travel

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