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Welcome to Beachwheels NZ

Heartway Vita

The Heartway Vita Mobility Scooter is for the customer who wants that little extra. The Vita S12 is a large scooter with a sleek design. With a weight capacity of up to 160kg and seat sizes up to 20”, the Vita offers versatility and comfort. This machine is fitted with a heavy duty suspension system: single-post shock absorbers at the rear, and Double A-Arm at the front. It’s a monster mobility scooter ideal for travelling long distances over various terrains.

The Vita S12 also features full informative Liquid Crystal Display, keeping the user informed with time, temperature, speedo, trip distance and odometer. Its LED lighting provides bright lights with a reduced power drain.

The Vita S12 comes with a powerful 700W motor, ready to deal with most difficult situations. The S12 even features an advanced self diagnostic system to alert users if an error is encountered while in use.

Choose between:

  • Heartway Vita S12 - 700W 4-pole motor, S-Drive 120 Amp, 13 inch drive and front wheels, colours dark blue and white
  • Heartway Vita Sport S12S - 700W 4-pole motor, S-Drive 140 Amp, 14 inch drive and 13 inch front wheels, colour black
  • Heartway Vita X - 900W 4-pole motor, S-Drive 200 Amp, semi all terrain, large off road tyres 15" rear, 13" front, colour black and titanium