Welcome to Beachwheels NZ
Welcome to Beachwheels NZ

Companion Travel Lite Wheelchair


Introducing the Companion Travel Lite – with two models to choose from the Lite 10 and Lite 12. The next level in travel is here! Very light, compact range of portable electric wheelchairs. Includes boot loading wheels making it so much easier to get into the boot of your car!

What makes the Companion Travel Lite different?

  • 120kg weight capacity
  • Ideal for travel
  • Puncture proof tyres
  • Portable and convenient
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Anti-tip wheels


Weight Capacity: 125kg                                       Motor: 2 x 140 Watt 24V brushless motor
Battery: 2V 10Ah x 2 (Lithium)                          Controller: Brushless dual drive rocker controller 
Charger: 2 Amp Li-Ion                                         Drive Mode:  Joy-stick controller
Travel distance: Up to 15km


Seat Size: 15″ wide x 17″ deep 
Dimensions: 91cm H x 62cm W x 87cm L                                
Dimensions When Folded: 
80cm x 62cm x 32cm   
Seat Height from Floor:  50cm       
Weight from: 
19.8kg (8")    
Ground Clearance:  7cm                 
Turning Radius: 
Drive Wheel: 8″, 10" or 12"                            
Front Wheel: 
6″ or 7"          
Optional Extras: Carer control bracket


Australian Standards/ISO Standards (Vital for Safety): Yes
Footrest: Reversible Shock-Abosorbing Footrest
Brakes: Intelligent Electromagnetic Brake
Seat Belt: Yes
Anti-Tip Wheels: Yes
Puncture Resistant Solid Tyres: Eliminate the risk of getting a flat tyre while driving
Diagnostic System: Alerts user