Beach Baby Strollers

*** Coming Soon! ***

Its always been a struggle to take a normal Stroller on the beach but not anymore!

The Wheeleez TM Wheels make it effortless even on the softest of beaches. These conversion kits turn a normal Stroller into a Beach Stroller in seconds. Just press the quick release, slide off the old wheel and slide on the beach wheel.

Watch video and see how this stroller glides across this soft and bumpy beach. The wheel trails show how the wheels float over the sand and don't dig in. 

The kits comprise : 2 x 24cm or 30cm Balloon wheels, axles and safety wheel locks 

We are launching conversion kits are coming out for several popular brands.

To help us know which models to prioritize, please"enquire now" and register your interest for your particular stroller.

Beachwheels NZ is an NZ owned company operating since 2008, registered under Dynamic Watersports Ltd (2105265)