Beach Baby Strollers

This is just a photo to show what our wheels can be used for. A project we took on ourselves to modify our buggy so we could get on and off the beach easily. We looked at seeing if there would be a market for it, but none of the large buggy manufacturers were interested. 

But if you have some kiwi ingenuity, you can give it a go yourself. Just purchase two or three of our wheels and work at fitting it to your chair. You would need an axel to fit it to the wheels. We made ours so that it would work with the brake pads but we have a great big hill down to the beach, so you may not need to do this. 

Its always been a struggle to take a normal Stroller on the beach but not anymore!

The Wheeleez TM Wheels make it effortless even on the softest of beaches. Watch video and see how this stroller glides across this soft and bumpy beach. The wheel trails show how the wheels float over the sand and don't dig in. 


Beachwheels NZ is a New Zealand owned company operating since 2008, registered under Dynamic Watersports Ltd (2105265)