Freedom Trax


Freedom Trax is the only motorized off-road attachment designed to transform your manual wheelchair into an off-road vehicle that can traverse sand, snow, gravel and mud.

Its unique design allows for a lightweight, versatile and rugged machine that will still fit in the boot of a car. Freedom Trax is the cost effective solution for portable and convenient off-road mobility.

About the Trax

Freedom Trax uses the same type of technology that tanks use - rather than wheels, which are more likely to sink into the ground, it is equipped with a more versatile track system to glide over obstacles. 

These unique tracks allow you to traverse ground conditions such as sand, snow, trails, grass, wood chips, gravel, cobblestone, ice and more. Freedom Trax can tackle an incline and power through soft soil to get you where you want to go. 

Stay in your own chair

The portable and affordable option for travel, exploring, and getting off the beaten path that allows you to stay in your custom seating.

Freedom Trak can be mounted and dismounted without assistance. Simply stay in your own chair and reverse backwards onto the Freedom Trax and attach the chair to the Trax. It is adjustable for wheel widths between 17”-26” so you can modify as often as you update your wheelchair.

What it comes with

  • 24V Lithium Ion battery
  • 2 x 24V motors
  • a handheld joystick
  • charger.


  • Weight: 32 - 47 kg
  • Dimensions: 122 x 61 x 30 cm
  • Range 14km
  • Weight Capacity: 113kg
  • Operating Range: Approximately 14km - the range varies depending on conditions and usage
  • Anti-tip Wheels:  6 inches
  • Battery: Lithium Ion 24 Volt
  • Controller: Handheld Joystick