Trekinetic GTE MK3 Powerchair


Rules were made to be broken! Push through the boundaries, access all terrains with the revolutionary, ultra-lightweight Trekinetic GTE powerchair. Go to the beach or snow, tackle the mud or gravel surfaces, travel up or downhill, take in the scenery along rain-forest trails.

Placing two big 24″ wheels at the front of the wheelchair allows the Trekinetic GTE to handle almost any terrain you throw at it be it off-road, on-road or around town. Bumps, cracks and uneven surfaces are handled with ease.

The GTE is also suited to indoor use. A 1-meter turning circle makes it very maneuverable around tighter spaces be it in the home, office or at the shops.

The GTE has been updated for 2024. The new GTE MK3 includes more as standard than ever before and some of the components have been improved, making this the strongest, lightest and most advanced powerchair to date.


  • Three wheels are better than four: Two big 24" wheels at the front and 1 at the rear - ensures your body weight is distributed evenly across all wheels, improving stability and traction on all terrain.
  • All Terrain by design: Trekinetic's 3 wheel design allows the GTE to cope with pretty much any terrain you throw at it, including mud, sand, snow and gravel, With a 1m turning circle it's also great around town and indoors. 
  • Ultra lightweight: A carbon fibre chassis keeps the weight down, whilst keeping it strong. At 34kg this is a light all terrain power chair. You can remove the front wheels to reduce the weight to load into a vehicle. 
  • Engineered for versatility: Off-road stability requires a wider wheelbase. Indoor practicality requires a narrow wheelbase. The patented Varicam system allows you to change the angle of the wheels by simply turning a bar under the seat. 0-16 degrees in 10 seconds. Zero tools required.
  • A comfortable ride: The patented shock absorber soaks up lumps and bumps encountered on your journey. It also acts as a tilt in space mechanism to alter the angle of the seat and change the weight distribution in the chair. 
  • Power, but not as you know it: Two 24V 120W motors in the front wheels deliver up to 6 km/h - perfect for use on pavements or any other type of terrain. And powered by a removable 11.8ah Lithium-ion battery with a range of up to 30km. 
  • Hybrid design: A power wheelchair that can also be operated as a manual chair. Simply flip the levers beside the front wheels to change from power to manual and back again. 
  • Easy to transport and crash tested: Designed to fold down and fit into a regular car. Fits in a small SUV with the wheels on, or remove the front wheels and the rear wheel folds in behind the seat. The GTE is also crash tested to ISO 7176-19. 
  • Suitable for kids and adults: The Trekinetic can be adapted to fit your child's requirements now and allows them grow with the chair. With a few clever additions, both the K2 and GTE can easily be converted to accommodate kids as young as five. 

Trekinetic GTE MK3 Package

  • Trekinetic GTE MK3 All Terrain Powered Wheelchair with 16" seat
  • 11.8ah Lithium-ion Battery - safe for flying
  • Magnetic Locking and Retracting Footplate
  • Dual Extended Armrests
  • Padded Armrests
  • Mountain Bike Wheels
  • Premium Tyre Protection
  • Choice of Standard or Long Leg Version
  • There are a large range of optional extras - get in touch for the script form