Trekinetic GTE Powerchair


The award winning Trekinetic GTE is a power chair like no other. Using cutting edge Formula 1 technology, it was designed as an everyday power chair that pushes the limits of what a wheelchair should be capable of. Built in the UK, it is one of the most advanced powerchairs on the planet. 

Three wheels are better than four
This is because the force is better distributed across all sides. The three-wheel drive system ensures your body weight is distributed evenly across all wheels, improving stability and traction on all terrain.

All Terrain by design
Trekinetic's 3 wheel design allows the GTE to cope with pretty much any terrain you can throw at it, including mud, sand, snow and gravel, With a 1m turning circle it's also great around town and indoors. 

Ultra lightweight
Using a carbon fibre chassis allows us to keep the chair's weight down, whilst keeping it strong. Starting at 34kg this is a light all terrain power chair. You can remove the front wheels to reduce the weight so you can load into a vehicle one piece at a time. 

Engineered for versatility
Off-road stability requires a wider wheelbase. Indoor practicality requires a narrow wheelbase. Our patented Varicam system allows you to change the angle of the wheels by simply turning a bar under the seat. 0-16 degrees in 10 seconds. Zero tools required.

A comfortable ride
The unique carbon fibre seat is supportive and comfortable as it naturally follows the human body shape. The patented rear shock absorber ensures a smooth ride, by soaking up uncomfortable cracks, lumps and bumps you might encounter on your journey. 

The GTE's power is from two 24V 120W motors in the front wheels delivering speeds of up to 6 km/h, making it perfect for use on pavements or any other type of terrain. 

The GTE is available with a wide selection of options including seat liners and headrests. We also offer a child to adult growth kit which goes into our standard GTE. And if you would prefer a coloured seat to bring some colour to your chair you can choose from different colours.

Suitable for kids and adults
The Trekinetic can be adapted to fit your child's requirements for now and as they grow, so you don't need to buy another chair in a few years. With a few clever additions, both the manual and power chair can easily be converted to accommodate kids as young as five. Using our unique Hyperforma seat cushion in the 16"or 19" carbon fibre seats. The insert is filled with tiny beads which can be moulded to the user's exact shape, using a hand pump which attaches to a valve under the seat. The best part is when the lining is no longer required, it can be removed, providing a larger seat to sit in. A growth kit is also added to the footplate to reach smaller legs. 

Versatile hybrid design
The GTE power chair is one of the only all-terrain power chairs on the market that can also be operated as a manual chair. Simply flip the levers beside the front wheels to change from power to manual and back again.