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Stabilo Banana Cushion - size Medium

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The Stabilo banana therapy cushion is a part of therapeutic fitting system. It can be used to support the elbow or forearm while the user sits at a table. This is especially important when the users arms are pressing heavily on the table as the cushion provides a great degree of comfort and also prevents the user from falling forward onto their face. It also makes an ideal head support when the user is reclining or lying on their back. lt complements everyday rehabilitation. 

The level of air/vacuum inside the banana therapy cushion can be frequently adjusted with the included hand pump to alter the firmness of support or the shape of the cushion to where needed. 

Key features

  • lt helps to increase comfort while sitting 
  • So easy to change the shape and firmess of the cushion to ensure it is supporting the user where needed. 
  • For people suffering from muscle contractures and rheuma­toid diseases, it is important for prevention of pressure ulcers in the forearm area.

Accessories included

  • Hand pump


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