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Stabilo Grande Therapy Cushion - size Medium

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One medium Stabilo Grande left in stock

The Stabilo Grande Therapy cushion is a mattress-sized cushion. It can be used in situations where it is not possible for the user to be supported by an ordinary mattress. Its versatility means that it may be used for lying on, sitting or physiotherapy and rehabilitation, and it is possible to adapt the same equipment for several users.

The Stabilo stablising system works using vacuum preserving of a modelled shape. A special pump helps to deflate the cushion, allowing it to harden into the required shape.  The shape and hardness can be changed easily.  The Grande comes with an electric pump.

Key features

  • The Grande compensates and alleviates dysfunctions by stabilizsng the user in a sitting or lying position. lts use enables correct positioning of the torso, pelvis, upper and lower limbs and head.
  • It can be used to correct posture defects. A large volume of granules and its generous dimensions enable precise coverage of the entire body in contact with it. The mattress provides comfortable lying and sitting for people with severe torso deformations, which hinder them from taking a comfortable lying or sitting position.
  • After proper shaping, the mattress positions the user, enabling rehabilitation exercises on the belly for people with increased or decreased muscle tension.
  • By distributing the body weight over a large surface area, it reduces the risk of pressure ulcers, additionally it gives the possibility of mantling the patient.
  • lt can be used as an independent seat or can be used on a sofa or armchair, creating greater inclusion for families.

Accessories included

  • Electric pump
  • Protective bag

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