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Wheeleez™ Boat Launching Wheels

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Don't struggle, get your boat across sand and difficult terrain with the new Wheeleez™ Boat Launching Wheels!

The WheelEEZ™ polyurethane wheels are extremely robust and hardwearing and suitable for most terrains. These wheels don't just glide over soft sand, they act as great suspension over hard uneven surfaces protecting sensitive equipment on-board.

The innovative 2-part bracket design allows wheels to be permanently installed with a swivel up/down operation or can be clipped in and out when needed. Easy install and one handed operation see User Guide for further details

Suitable for RIBs, inflatables, dinghies and small boats up to 3.6m in length.

  • Fitted with Wheeleez™ “Go-Anywhere” 30cm PU balloon wheels
  • Simple 4-bolt installation
  • Ideal for soft sand and challenging terrain
  • Lifts the boat (and propeller) high off the ground. Distance pivot to ground: 68cm (26.5”)
  • Versatile operation for stow & deploy, inside or outside of the boat
  • Axle arms are removable or can be permanently attached to the boat (via locking clips)
  • 316 stainless steel frame and hardware
  • Weight per arm (including wheel): 3.5kg (7.7 lbs)
  • For use with outboards up to 15HP
  • Max load capacity: 110kg/ 240 lbs (per pair)
  • For use on portable boats up to 3.6m (12ft)
  • May not suit all transom and engine configurations.



  • 1 x L axle arm 
  • 1 x R axle arm
  • 2 x mounting bracket
  • 2 x locking clip


  • 4 x M8x30 (5/16 x 1 ¼”) bolt
  • 4 x small washer 
  • 4 x large washer 
  • 4 x Nyloc nut 
  • 2 x Spreader plate 
  • 2 x R-clip, for wheels 
  • Locking bolt & nut (M5x30 or 3/16 x 1 ¼”) for 2 wheels.


  • 2x WZ1-30UC balloon wheels with 25.4mm bearings.